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6 o' clock sunlight
Crossing my fingers for something great,
taking a chance on fate,
hoping for nothing but the best,
wishing for all the rest,

your face was like the sun,
and it was shining perfectly on me,
I know it was all with fun,
but I hope that you will see,
that everything you are,
matches everything I am,
here we are, reaching for the stars,
I don't want my feet to touch land,

You've carried me away with just one look,
with one smile, you've got me on your hook,
I've never known someone quite like you,
who knew, that fairytales could come true,

your touch felt like water,
running through my skin,
I've never felt hotter, 
deep down within,
you truly touched my soul,
with words that you say,
it's really taken it's toll,
in every single way,

so as the music plays,
we'll dance with our hearts,
awaiting the day,
when we're no longer apart.


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