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I was looking up different lyrics today, and saw a lot of song names that I had no idea what the song was about.  So I started choosing songs based on their see if they were any good.  I started to realize what kind of song titles I would lean towards...things I like.  I found out a lot.

I like trains. 
Never been on one but I would love to chase after one and jump on board. Or just ride like any other normal person.
I like water.
in general. a lot.
I love butterflies.
did you know the original name for butterfly was flutterby? =) love it.
I love the thought of freedom.
COMPLETE freedom.
I love the colors green, purple and orange.
I like stripes
I like lizards and snakes.
I love flowers.
I love setting suns.
I love sand.
I love wind.
I love rain.
I love feathers.
I love pictures. and photography.
I like benches.
I like rocks. big ones.
I like the word song.
I like the concept of time.

and how it never stops. although it would be nice to pause it.
I like interesting words.
like Cavern, Squirming, Llama, Fikus, Wedge, Subtle, and Mango.
I like circles and swirls.
I love horses.

Probably odd how I found all this out just by song titles..but pretty cool too. =)



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