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And all is silent
 I always wondered what it would be like to live a life of silence.
What kind of things would I think, want to say, know, learn..

Would I learn that all things are unimportant like Don Juan said in the book A Separate Reality...
as in the things that normally I would respond with to things people say, is unimportant just like the things they are speaking of...
Or, would I learn that it is all unimportant but it's very significant to say or do it like Budha once taught..
as in everything I do or say is just as unimportant as the things they are speaking of, but it is still important to say or do whatever it may be.
I'm not sure.

I think silence is why I love being alone so much.  It's always quiet and meditative, even with music.
Also with friends who don't mind the silence, or may enjoy it as much as I do.

I think I would appreciate everything around me much more that I already do.  
The things you would hear, the birds, the wind, the crickets, the trees... it's all so beautiful.
To actually listen to life around must be a humbling experience.

I want to try it.
I'm going to go just a whole day completely dedicated to silence, maybe two, just for the hell of it.
Listening. Thinking. Learning.

I feel my passion for writing coming back.
this may be good for me.


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